Common questions about our app for


1Before You Setup your organization
The system very flexible, so that many types of organizations can effectively use the system. Below is some guidance and examples.

To discover the best way to set up your organization, it will be useful to start by writing down your organization name at the top of the hierarchy and players/clients/customers at the bottom. There are three levels of organization between them and there is no limit to the number of entries you can have at each level.

Organization– Use the common name of the company, league or non-profit that average people know your organization by.

Group– Org may have multiple groups. Name the groups for the activities or sports the Org is primarily involved in. eg. Soccer league is one group and Soccer Camps is a second.

Division– Groups may have multiple divisions. Name the divisions based the way your organization divides groups of participants (teams). eg. BU10, GU10

Teams– a team is one or more participants and one or more instructors/coaches. Naming teams is also flexible. One could name the team with the name of a client, in the case of a private lesson.

*If the organization has annual seasons or operates on an annual schedule, adding year in the Division names will be helpful. Year could be added to Group names.

Examples 1
Org: Acme Tournaments
Groups: Northern California, Central California, Southern California
Divisions in Northern California:
Sacramento BU12 2/13/16, Sacramento BU14 2/13/16, Sacramento BU16 2/13/16, Sacramento BU18 2/13/16
San Jose BU12 2/20/16, San Jose BU14 2/20/16, San Jose BU16 2/20/16, San Jose BU18 2/20/16

Org: Acme Sports Camp
Groups: Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Football
Divisions under each group: [Sport Name] Wk-1 2016, [Sport Name] Wk-2 2016, [Sport Name] Wk-3 2016 etc.
Teams: Named for head counselor responsible for a small group.

Examples 2
Org: Individual professional’s name (provide workshops and private lessons)
Group: Individual professional’s name
Divisions: Weekend Workshop 2/13/06, [Client Name] 2016
2Bulk Upload Drills, Exercises, Evaluations and Nutrition/wellness
Following are the pre-requisites for bulk uploads of drills in csv format:
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Drill Image– • If an image is to be uploaded to a drill, the images should be placed on server at sites/default/files location, and then the path to that image has to be given in the csv file.
  4. Drill Video
  5. Minimum Age
  6. Maximum Age
  7. Category– The values in the Category column should belong to one of the values listed at the given url,
  8. Type– The type in the Type column can take only the following three values for now :
    • Wellness/Nutrition
    • Evaluation
    • Drill/Exercise